fredag den 17. december 2010

torsdag den 16. december 2010

Dark knight?!

What makes you happier at christmas than when you look up one night at the stari skyes and se a shooting star to wish upon...?

lørdag den 11. december 2010

December nights

On a cold December night i sat down and drew the tree outside my window...

mandag den 6. december 2010

good guys?

These guys work all night long, trying to fix the rails. And for what, for us, for me and you so that we can go to work and make some mony, and probably two times as much as them! they don't complain about there fucked up hours or the cold, they just get the best out of the night in eatch others company, while the rest of the world lies in there warm beds sleaping like babyes.

I walked by one night but then i stoped and wached them...
- wached their smiling faces while their hands held a steming cup of warm coffee. It looked cold but coozy! 

fredag den 3. december 2010

The day before the day after tomorrow...

Looking forward to a day fillede with fun. a day basede on these peoples lives >>>--------------> 
- because without even knowing it, there are allways someone to look up to, this one person you think is so cool that you try your hardest to be him or her...

It's gonna be a lovely day! 

onsdag den 1. december 2010

The Window

I look outside my window
first thing every morning
instead of my mirror
I see beauty
in the window view
instead of a face
I see every day 

I look outside my window
for the young day 
reborne and new
the sun rise or cloudy skies
the snow flakes spin
the rain drops drip
the wind blows trees
the green lawn
or the brown of fall
leaves yellow & brown
blanket the ground
or birds appear
in spring
I look outside my window
for my youth 



Me: mummy why did you and dad get married?
Mummy: so we can kiss anytime we want!

mandag den 29. november 2010

As good as it gets!

Today the cold weather took hold! i waited over an houre for a train, but whene the train didn't come i went home. Now i'm here at home with the candles burning, thinking how happy i am too be in a nice warm home. After som time i found my favourite album with Jack Johnson turned it up BIG TIME!
Dancing and "singing" i started to bake some cookies! Now: (3 houres later) all the tables are filled with cookies and there rests a thick lovely scent of sweetness alle over the house... My day can't get eny better! :D LOVELY LOVELY LOVELY!

These things just made my day!

søndag den 28. november 2010

The Streets of Copenhagen

Snow is falling, in the streets of Copenhagen. 
It's falling and falling, and there is nothing we can do about it..
cars are crashing, trains are delayed and peolpe are freezing! But the bikes stil stand! they are parked for the winter on every corner of every house. buried in the finest whit sparkeling snow...


søndag den 14. november 2010


I can't stop!
I take the train to Copenhagen, because i have got to meet my friend for dinner. In the train i meet 3 foxy ladys from school. It's 4 o'clock and i have a little spear time until i have to meet my friend for dinner. Me and the 3 foxy ladys take a walk down Købmagergade and then I spot a shoe sale. We go in and...We are in heaven, there is no way out, no turning back now. How can it be, that shoes and women are such a good match? I don't get it!? All i know is that I LOVE SHOES! i can't get enought! - Maybe it's time for SHOE REHAB!?

Foxy lady nr. 1 (Tessa)                      Foxy lady nr. 2 (Marta)                                           Foxy lady nr. 3 (Olivia)

Shoes are made for walking.. - Well some of us walk ALOT! ;D

torsdag den 11. november 2010

Some things aren't worth it...

Live cheaply                                        Steal expensive                                           Run fast!

onsdag den 10. november 2010

Lets se...

I dug in daddys drawer today and found his old SLR camera!
So i'm gonna spend my weekend behinde the camera! :D 
- taking black'n white photos! 

 - This camera is like 13 years old and non- digital indeed!!! :D It's totally RETRO and i love it!