torsdag den 28. april 2011


Everybody are stressed out, over my exsams. Teachers & parents. everyone except me! I'm just chill'in

tirsdag den 12. april 2011


Go Juri Gagarin 108 min. in space and a high stress threshold. Followed by the whole population screaming Juri Gagarin. what a man... He maybe changed the wold a little bit.

søndag den 10. april 2011

Commercial suicide threat?

everybody hates those pop-up commercials...
but you never think about what they say because it's always so irrelevant. But just before i got one that chocked me quite a bit! it said: There's a place in hell for women who don't help other women! i'm pretty stoned that they are allowed to write stuff like that. When you se it you just start making a list of women you've helped just to make sure that you are no sinner! That is one shitty commercial. what is even the purpose whit a commercial like that i ask myself that question...

lørdag den 9. april 2011


The daily doses of Jack Johnson - Is a must in my life :D

mandag den 4. april 2011

The everyday visit...

What a funny little man!
Today i was at work in a little grocery store. 
And this man who always comes was here again today. Every time he stops by the shop he always buys the same things. Today - like every other day - he came around 5.30 with 4 50cl bottles of red whine, 3 bananas, a pack of toast bread and some gum. I don't understand why he buys 4 small bottles of whine why not just 2 big? I have this little theory witch is, that he is a little bit alcoholic and he thinks that if he buys allot of small bottles it doesn't look so extreme than if he buys big bottles. But it's weird because he doesn't look very alcoholic. Actually he looks very decent. It's funny because he kind of looks a little like a philosopher or a writer. He has these small brown round glasses, a big tummy and he's thick grey hair falls in a wave from the middle of he's head to each side. And when he always pulls up a 200 kr slip of cash he smiles a little embarrast. After he paid he remembers he forgot to buy cigarets and orders 2 packs of red Cecil. He puts he's cigarets in he's pocket grunting for himself, and leaves the shop with a satisfied smile on he's face... And i stand there, left alone in the shop wondering if i will see him again tomorrow at 5.30...