onsdag den 30. marts 2011

Brazilian: Hot or Not?


I am so frustrated. 
why is it that these days everything is about how you look as a girl and NEVER how you are!?
And why is it that all girls today has to look like 6 year olds, I'm so sick of it. What is i with physical exercise in 7th grade? I heard of a girl who said to another girl from her class in the shower that she had too much hair on her chest. Girls in that age are so piki on each other and so perfectionists, they tell each other everything, in good and in bad! and because of the youth culture today the small girls grow up and start sex, alcohol and smoking faar to early in my opinion. Then when the girls get about 16 years old, they want to look 6 agin. They remove all their hair everywhere, what is it with the search for the perfect fanny!? Today you can even pay your way through a full body waxing, people actually specializes in this and makes a whole career on it! I'm so tiered of everybody talking about what clothes they should wear or how they should wear their heir. Do girls really think that if they wear this top instead of that, then the boys wouldn't want to talk to them? Get over it girls. don't shave every single part of your body, don't consider what to wear at the next party one week before. Just accept yourself and learn to appreciate and live with who you are and the specialties that only you have got!

Now the little frustration has left my  chest ;)

mandag den 28. marts 2011


Damn.. i'm sitting here at school trying work on our project. but every time i look a out the window and the sunlight colors my face, i think of that WONDERFUL week, we had in Barcelona! What a fantastic class! I yearn for the noisy, dirty streets and the quiet music coming from the cozy little bars. I miss walking down  la' Rambla with the people i love in the sun. all the local pople always smiling, loving life, enjoying every moment on the bench in Sagada de' Familja'!!! i wish i was i Barca! :D

onsdag den 2. marts 2011


I found out something today. 


i really would like to blog about my cool little life but i'm too busy livin it! :D I'll blog when i get old og when i'm bored! :D