lørdag den 14. maj 2011

In 24 hours we managed to...

In 24 hours we managed to: 

*Go to school
*Drink allot of beer on "posen"
*Eat a wonderful gourmet meal (cooked by the neighbours)
*Go to a private party in Hillerød
*Allmoste set the roof on fire
*Considering café Ho :S
*Eat a bagel at 1.30 (dinner)
*Miss the train to the city by 2 min.
*Catch a night bus to Copenhagen
*Get a power nap in the bus
*freeze our asses of
*Find a bar called Dunkel
*Pay our way in with Macadonian money
*Meet a VERY drunk man
*Talk to a guy with a paper Iphone 4
*See a picture of a mans balls
*Smoke some cigarets
*Have a quick chat with a lesbouuu
*Try to reject a man looking like Frank Hvam
*Go for a piss
*see to gay guys coming from the toilet (witch was only 1x1 m)
*Walk around town
*See a woman with a STRANGE looking body!
*Go to bye a croassant 
*Meet a women in 7,11 who has a FUCKED up laugh!
*Make Acmed in 7,11 annoyed 
*Sit on a bench feeding the "chickens" bread
*Feeling like we where attacked by mega seagulls 
*Learn that you don't say "hello" to people unless they are eating McDonalds
*Almoste take the train towards the airport
*Catch the train to Helsingør
*Have a good laugh (don't know why)
*Wake up in Helsingør, where the sun is shining and it's colud
*At 8.00 heading home
*At 9.15 walking throw the door to my house
*Going straight to bed
*waking up at 17 in the afternoon

- And at 22.00 theres probably another party to catch again...

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